A unique cake to belatedly impress mom 🍰

This special edition for May features my great grandma’s recipe.

I’ve already eaten too much of this.

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Meet Mary Ellen.

This is my great grandmother, Mary Ellen Egan β€” born in 1887. I never met her sadly since she passed away after my twin aunts were born in 1967, but I talked to my grandmother, Ann Egan, about her mother-in-law to learn about a family matriarch and where an important family recipe came from. 

My grandfather, Phil, who unfortunately passed away last year in August, was one of Mary Ellen’s eight children. She was a stay-at-home mother, and while Egan is a very Irish name, her maiden name was Robinson and she was German. And just like my grandpa, Mary Ellen was born and raised in Albany, NY. She eventually married my great grandfather β€” also Philip β€” who moved from Connecticut, and stayed in Albany to raise my aunts, Winnie, Phyllis, Peggy, Betty and Aggie, and my uncles and grandpa, Skippy, Phil (or Buddy) and Vince. My grandma tells me that Mary Ellen was hard of hearing and usually sat around to listen, rarely speaking up until she had to give her two-cents worth. She did laugh a lot, however. Mary Ellen either lost her hearing at a young age or through childbirth, my grandma says.

Mary Ellen was known as a baker to her friends, family and neighbors, and she showed her love and kindness through baking homemade treats. 

The story behind her recipes.

When I told my roommate I was making mace cake, she looked at me confused and I knew what was coming. No, this recipe does not involve mace spray, as you can see from the photo above. Mace, which I will describe more later, is a lovely, nutmeg-like spice that pairs well with curries and cakes. My grandma tells me it’s likely that Mary Ellen kept this spice around for whenever she needed it. 

One day, Mary Ellen β€” ever the baker β€” decided to spice up (literally) the typical white cake she made for her family to change things up. She baked and cooked staples for her Irish family of 10 who lived in a small home and made do with what they had. Perhaps she was sick of just alternating between chocolate cake and white cake, my grandma says, so she reached for the mace in her spice cabinet and shook a teaspoon of it into the cake batter. Then, she reached for some shredded coconut and patted a bit onto the frosting. The end result: a perfectly moist, unique and flavorful cake that the entire family loved β€” a cake that wasn’t just coconut.

According to my grandma, some of the kids decided they hated coconut, so she adjusted the recipe to only put coconut around the sides of the cake β€” which she continue to this day. Then, she tried putting it on half the cake, but she noticed we started only eating the coconut half, so she returned to putting it on the sides. She also adjusted the white cake recipe to one that is more buttery and moist. But since then, my mother, my aunts, my cousins and I have been baking my grandma’s revised mace cake recipe and enjoying it each year with a scoop of ice cream alongside it at family birthday celebrations.

The mace stays in the cake for my family, and it’s a recipe I hope to keep passing down to my children. Try this wonderful cake in honor of Mother’s Day and let me know all your thoughts!

One of my many bites of cake.

Want to give the mace cake a try? Click here to find my great grandmother’s recipes.

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