Rosemary ginger mule

The fresh rosemary and the sweet ginger syrup are the stars of this refreshing drink. My roommate and I both gulped down the drink, which tasted just like a ginger mule sans vodka. I’ll be making it again, especially in the summer and for any parties.

I used to think the only non-alcoholic drink that was worth the money was mango juice. These are so refreshing though!

Top tips from me:
1) Laura recommends “spanking” the rosemary before adding it, and while that practice sounds like a practical joke, it actually does kick up the aroma, and subsequently, the flavor of the herb.
2) Make sure you mix everything well, otherwise the ginger syrup will stay separated at the bottom of your glass.
3) It may look classier in a copper mug, but alas, I do not own one.
4) You can add any shrub or concentrate to enhance the flavor of the drink, but Element Shrub’s cranberry hibiscus, which Laura suggested, has enough of a bitter taste to cut through the sweet ginger syrup.
5) For the rosemary-infused ginger syrup, I could only find ginger syrup at my local Giant, and I ran out of time to let it sit with some rosemary. Feel free to use just the syrup and then add the rosemary after.
6) Laura also suggested Q Drinks brand ginger beer since she likes the spice, though I could only find Goslings. Use whatever brand you’d like!

This recipe takes a solid five minutes or so, depending on how meticulous you are with your drinks. 

A stalk of fresh rosemary, spanked — one lime, for the juice and slices for garnish — rosemary-infused ginger simple syrup — ginger beer — ice — 1 oz Element Shrub, ginger lime or cranberry hibiscus


– Pour a squeeze of rosemary ginger syrup and squeeze the juice from half a lime into a 10-12 oz glass. Stir.

– Add ice.

– Add in 4-5 oz of ginger beer. Stir.

– Top with 1 oz of Element Shrub.

– Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and wedge of lime. Enjoy!

Did you make this recipe and have any suggestions? Make sure to leave a comment!

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